Functional fitness continues to rapidly grow in popularity among all demographics as a training solution for everyday movements. This surge of attention from both trainers and members alike gives your facility the opportunity to accommodate by providing the proper space and equipment selection for them to achieve their goals. Read on to learn how our Nautilus HumanSport strength line will make a powerful addition to any facility that wants to provide a complete range of workouts for total body functional training.

A Functional Fitness Training Solution

Designed to reflect our actual human body mechanics, the Nautilus HumanSport line offers training solutions that most traditional machines don’t. Let’s discuss the details regarding why HumanSport is such a unique and important training tool set for your members and clients.

Life happens in 3D. In the real world, muscles never work in isolation. All movements in day-to-day life including home, work, and sports activities happen in three planes of motion, (forward, back, and side-to-side rotation). To be your best in the “sport” of life your training program must include a 3D approach. This approach to training is called functional because it is multi-dimensional and correlates directly to real life movements as well as athletic modalities.

Cable based training is an excellent protocol for functional training movements. This is primarily because the path of motion during each exercise is user-defined, instead of being predetermined by traditional isolated strength machines. Cable based training provides unlimited programming opportunities due to its ability to provide resistance in multiple planes of motion, at various speeds, and with a variety of user progressions. Cable based machines also involve the entire myofascial network, which could lead to better muscular balance and ultimately improve movement efficiency.

HumanSport is so simple, intuitive and natural that it feels as if it were custom-built for each and every user. The circuit includes seven dual-function, cable-based machines that act as fourteen workout stations by utilizing dual weight stacks to provide a wide range of total body training options, including Base Strength, Core Stabilization and Dynamic Movement training. The most recent addition to the line is the dynamic Freedom Trainer.

Nautilus HumanSport Freedom Trainer

The Nautilus HumanSport Freedom Trainer offers a new level of versatility by allowing for user-defined paths of motion, enabling users to perform virtually any activity. Unlike other functional training systems in the industry, the dual arms adjust in two planes allowing for an infinite number of exercises and enable users to imitate different motions that range from sports-related activities to the movements that make up daily life. The dual arms are counterbalanced for easy adjustments between exercises. Never has the beauty of natural movement been translated so well into an exercise environment.

Base Strength Benefits

HumanSport strengthens individual muscle groups with outside stabilization, helping prepare and build the muscles you’ll use in training, while developing your flexibility and stability to ensure you’re ready for the harder work to come.

Core Stabilization Benefits

HumanSport’s integration of core stabilization and multi-planar movements helps strength and balance – enabling you to perform better and get more out of individual muscle group workouts.

Dynamic Movement Benefits

HumanSport doesn’t allow you to depend on linear, machine-like movement for proper form. Instead, its dynamic movement trains your muscles from an infinite number of angles for a broader range of movement, strength, flexibility, and balance.

HumanSport has several unique features that make it the best choice compared to competing brands:

1. Dual weight stacks with the patented, efficient Lock n Load system. The dual stacks and the titanium custom width cable also provide a 2 to 1 ratio lower inertia system which allows for slow, very smooth rehabilitation applications or high velocity explosive performance training with no “weight stack bounce”.

Nautilus Lock N Load

2. A pulley system and extra long cable designed to allow resistance training movements in the seated, isolated position, the seated unstable position, and the standing position. Most competitive products do not provide enough cable travel necessary to allow for unstable, dynamic or standing movement.

3. Small Footprint: HumanSport can fit into as little as 300 square feet if your training space is limited. The circuit is extremely flexible, and six of the seven machines can be placed back-to-back if needed.

Nautilus HumanSport Small Footprint

4. HumanSport provides an intuitive, user-friendly option by offering two training stations combined into each machine.

5. HumanSport has an optional comprehensive certification workshop which includes a library of goal based, custom programs. These pre-authored programs include everything from Weight Loss, to Golf or Tennis Conditioning, to Training for Runners, as well as Youth and Active Aging.

HumanSport is truly a unique product that can create a new category or “area” in a facility. The circuit creates a goal focused area for user defined strength training where a member or client can truly pursue their specific fitness goals. The fitness staff and trainers will have an entirely new influx of modality and training options for clients of all abilities in both one on one or small group settings. The possibilities (and results) are endless with the Nautilus HumanSport line!



Sonja Friend-Uhl is a Core Health & Fitness Master Instructor, skilled fitness professional and USATF certified coach with over 27 years of experience. She is the reigning World Record Holder in the Women’s Masters Indoor Mile (4:44.81) and the American Record Holder in the Women’s Masters 1500m (4:16.99), the Women’s Masters Outdoor Mile (4:45.68), and the Women’s Masters Indoor 3000m (9:48.23). Learn more about Sonja and her coaching/racing background via www.TheRunningWarrior.com

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