The holidays are in full swing, and sweet treats are changing hands all over the globe. Whether your vice is eggnog or rice pudding, you’re likely to feel the pressure to stay trim despite available treats. This year, you don’t have to restrict altogether! Core Health & Fitness has put together tips from four world-renowned master trainers to help you get the most cookie for your cardio:

KELI ROBERTS: Keep It Short!

During the holidays when social and work demands get a little crazy, it’s good to keep in mind that a shorter workout can get good results. You don’t need an hour! Even 10 minutes squeezed in a couple of times during the day can leave you feeling refreshed. 10 minutes of stretching and core work is well spent time. A 10-minute power walk at lunch time is an energizing way to break up the day.

First thing in the morning, alternate between squats, push-ups, lunges and planks, one minute of each with a minute of easy stretching at the start and end. Fitting in some quick stretches and deep breathing throughout the day can help keep the fatigue at a minimum and finally, getting enough sleep can make all the difference.

DENISE DRUCE: Stay Accountable to Yourself.

The holiday season starts for most of us on Thanksgiving Day and lasts through New Year’s. Folks, that’s 6 weeks! People who are committed to fitness and wellness as a lifestyle know this…you can’t miss your workouts. Simply staying on your routine as much as possible is a huge step toward rolling into the new year with no guilt, a lot of strength and a great outlook on life! Here are my 3 suggestions for having healthy holidays.

Don’t skip the sweat. No matter what you did the night before, or how busy your day is, schedule time in for at least 30 minutes of good sweaty cardio. Ask a fitness instructor their secret…they HAVE to show up for class no matter what.

Manage the stress. Do something every day, or even several times a day that is relaxing. One-minute breathing breaks are great. If you have time for yoga or just light stretching after your workout, do your body that favor.

Look through new lenses. Chances are, you have great health, money in your bank account, and people in your life who want to be with you during the holidays. Remember that there are many people who don’t have any of those blessings. What would it feel like to look at the next 6 weeks as nothing short of a miracle? Time for yourself, time to celebrate with others, and time to look forward to another fabulous year of fitness!

FRANCESCA KERR: Try Something New!

It is that time of year – full of joy, celebration, family, cookies, eggnog, holiday parties and indulgences…lots of indulgences.  Our ‘to do lists’ are long and time is short; the first thing we usually chuck out the window ….is time for ourselves/our workouts. Do not wait until January 1st to start thinking about and making time for yourself.

Let’s face it, no matter where you live – it is getting darker earlier. Rather than letting that drive you inside to close the shutters until the skies start to brighten up, use this time to make a list of all the classes / experiences you’ve been wanting to try AND the days and times they are offered.  Find out what days will work best with your schedule and commit to trying a few. EVERYBODY offers a drop-in rate and sometimes the first class is free!

On my list this year? Aerial yoga, Urban boxing and swing dance!  Why not?!

SONJA FRIEND-UHL: You Don’t Have to be Perfect.

“My best fitness tip for the holiday season is that DONE is better than PERFECT!  (This could also apply to gift shopping, but that’s another topic!)  Remember that your mental well-being and your quality of REST is as important as your physical fitness performance.

Keep POSITIVE MOMENTUM as your focus throughout the day and the week as you navigate holiday tasks, parties, chores, family obligations, etc. Make a prioritized list of the things that MUST get done that particular day and make sure that YOUR well-being is somewhere on that list!

Whether it is a 20:00 HIIT workout at home –> Try 15 reps each of pushups, squats, lunges, pull ups, plank, rest, and repeat for 20:00! 

a 30:00 yoga class online, a brisk walk with your dog, or choosing a healthy meal delivery service for a week or two, just DO IT and don’t worry about comparisons or the should haves or could haves…stay present in the moment and give yourself permission to let go of expectations.

In other words, CHERISH yourself…best gift ever!”

We hope these tips help you set attainable goals and navigate your holiday temptations with ease. Check back soon for more Master Trainer tips, and get out there and enjoy the season!

If you are looking to burn some extra calories this holiday season, check out this HIIT workout from Master Trainer Abbie Appel.

Master Trainer HIIT Workout 

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