In 2024, as YMCA trends continue to evolve, embracing the diverse generational expectations and technological advancements will be key to reshaping the landscape of community health and wellness.

YMCAs stand as pillars of community well-being, offering a sanctuary where physical health, mental well-being, and social connection converge. As the concept of “wellness” becomes increasingly multifaceted, YMCA organizations must adapt and innovate to meet these diverse needs. The one common goal spanning all generations is holistic wellness. This is where CORE comes into play, offering tailored solutions that align with the YMCA’s mission to foster a healthier, more connected community. Let’s explore how CORE can craft the perfect fitness and wellness space for YMCAs, reflecting the latest trends and generational insights.


YMCA Trends

1. Understanding Generational Wellness Traits

Recent research, including insights from Euromonitor International and McKinsey & Co., reveals a nuanced view of wellness across different generations.

Generational Traits and Fitness Participation

Boomers (1946-1964): Optimistic, competitive, team-oriented with 55.8% fitness participation.

Gen X (1965-1980): Flexible, informal, independent with the highest fitness participation at 70%.

Millennials (1981-2000): Open-minded, competitive, goal-oriented with 64.2% engaging in fitness.

Gen Z (2001-2020): Global, progressive, entrepreneurial with 64.4% participating in fitness activities.

From Boomers to Gen Z, the unanimous common priority is mental well-being, yet each group places varied emphasis on aspects such as healthy immune systems, absence of disease, getting enough sleep, emotional well-being, and feeling “good.” CORE’s approach to designing YMCA spaces begins with this generational mosaic in mind, ensuring that facilities cater to the broad spectrum of wellness priorities, beginning with the younger generation.

2. Mental Health & Wellness Trends Dictate Programming

The wellness market is booming, with 50% of consumers saying that wellness is a priority and 81% agreeing that wellness is important. Each generation has its own perception of what wellness means, ranging from mental well-being to a healthy immune system and getting enough sleep. This reflects a broad, inclusive concept of health that goes beyond physical fitness to include mental health, nutrition, and emotional well-being.

Aligning physical and mental health is crucial. Stress-reduction programs, including yoga and meditation, are important for mental well-being. Integrate versatile spaces within YMCAs that are conducive to these programs, offering a serene environment for mindfulness practices. By understanding the universal priority placed on mental health across all generations, ensure these areas are welcoming and accessible while promoting a holistic approach to wellness.

To ensure your YMCA community members have access to a wide array of activities and lifestyle choices that promote overall health, CORE recognizes the imperative of tailored fitness solutions. Leverage cutting-edge equipment like the Schwinn Z Bike, which offers personalized training metrics. CORE facilitates the creation of fitness areas that cater to individualized workout and nutrition plans. This personalized approach not only caters to the physical health needs identified across generations but also encourages regular engagement and long-term commitment to wellness.

3. Social And Community-Building Trends

YMCA is uniquely positioned to build social and community trends by offering tailored and personalized workouts based on mental health and wellness. Investing in digital accessibility through user-friendly fitness apps can also play a crucial role in meeting the expectations of a tech-savvy generation.

CORE appreciates the importance of social connection in wellness. By designing flexible, multi-use spaces, YMCAs can host a variety of community-building activities, from group fitness classes to social events, both in-person and online. This approach not only enhances the sense of community within the YMCA but also leverages technology to maintain connections outside the physical space, catering to the digital-savvy younger generations while providing inclusivity for all.

Community is another pillar where Core and the YMCA’s missions intersect. Core’s efforts to bring people together through fitness, with initiatives like the We Ride Virtual Marathon and support for community events such as First Tee YMCA Support. Community-building opportunities are  pertinent in today’s digital age, where fostering genuine connections is more important than ever. Through fitness, they provide a common ground for individuals of all backgrounds to come together, promoting inclusivity and social wellbeing.

4. Embrace Digital Technology Trends

Digital accessibility is no longer a luxury but a necessity. As digital technology becomes increasingly integrated into everyday life, YMCAs are recognizing the importance of incorporating digital fitness and wellness trends to cater to a tech-savvy audience. Fitness Trends include offering online workout classes, virtual fitness classes, digital personal training programs, and fitness tracking apps that align with members’ digital lifestyles. By adopting such technologies, YMCAs can provide flexible options for members who prefer exercising at home or on-the-go, ensuring they remain connected and engaged with the community. Additionally, leveraging data from these digital tools helps YMCAs personalize fitness programs and track progress more effectively, creating a more customized and motivating fitness experience that appeals to all age groups.

CORE is at the forefront of technology integration with user-friendly fitness apps and digital platforms into the YMCA’s offerings, ensuring that members have on-demand access to fitness and wellness resources anytime and anywhere. This digital strategy enhances the appeal of the YMCA to a broader audience, particularly millennials and Gen Z, who prioritize convenience and flexibility in their fitness routines. With Core’s digital enhanced equipment and Wexer’s digital fitness and wellness content, you provide personalized content to members anytime and anywhere with virtual classes in the facility or via an app, YMCAs can even brand the content as their own. 

With CORE’s expertise, YMCAs can develop engaging content that resonates with their diverse audience. From educational workshops on nutrition and sleep to interactive wellness challenges and online community forums, CORE helps YMCAs become not just a place to work out, but a hub of wellness education and engagement. This content strategy not only enriches the member experience but also positions the YMCA as a thought leader in community health and wellness.

5. Sustainability Trends: Protecting the Future of Fitness

Sustainability is an increasingly crucial aspect of social responsibility, and both Core and the YMCA are taking significant steps to address this. Core’s commitment to environmental sustainability through initiatives like zero-landfill at US distribution facilities and EPS-free product packaging aligns with the YMCA’s mission to contribute positively to the community and environment. By integrating sustainable practices into their operations and encouraging responsible consumption, this partnership not only meets the current needs of the fitness community but also ensures that future generations have access to the same resources and opportunities for wellness.

Core and YMCA Building A Growth Strategy Together

These 2024 YMCA trends can benefits from the Core and the YMCA collaboration with a shared vision for a healthier, more connected, and sustainable world. Through their combined efforts in promoting wellbeing, fostering community, and protecting the environment, they are setting new benchmarks for what it means to be leaders in the wellness industry. As they continue to align their goals with societal trends and needs, Core and the YMCA are not just responding to the present but are actively shaping the future of fitness and wellness.

Establish a Digital Presence: In today’s digital age, a robust online digital presence is essential for community engagement and service delivery. CORE assists YMCAs in developing a cohesive digital strategy that complements their physical offerings, enhancing member engagement through online platforms, mobile apps, and virtual fitness classes. This holistic approach ensures that the YMCA remains a central part of its members’ daily lives, both physically and digitally.

Develop Comprehensive Wellness Hubs: In partnering with CORE, YMCAs can transform their spaces into comprehensive wellness hubs that cater to the nuanced needs of their diverse community. By embracing a holistic approach that encompasses physical health, mental well-being, nutrition, social connection, and digital accessibility, CORE helps build the perfect fitness and wellness space for YMCAs. This collaboration not only enhances the member experience but also strengthens the YMCA’s role as a cornerstone of community health and well-being.

Design Spaces: The collaboration between Core and the YMCA is reflective of broader societal trends towards holistic health, community engagement, and environmental responsibility. This partnership is at the forefront of the wellness industry’s shift towards more sustainable practices and a more inclusive definition of health that encompasses mental and emotional wellbeing. As these trends continue to evolve, the partnership is well-positioned to lead by example, demonstrating how organizations can work together to make a positive impact on the world.



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