Cyclists move fast. It’s no wonder their industry has been growing rapidly since the early 1990’s, with the invention and instant popularity of the indoor cycling category. Always in pursuit of quality product and a grueling ride, indoor cycling enthusiasts choose Schwinn, the #1 Brand in the Industry for cardio, reputability, and trustworthiness – and we have continuously produced exciting new ideas rooted in authenticity to earn this reputation.

An answer to one of the indoor cycling category’s most popular trends has put Schwinn right back into the leading position; our partnership with Motosumo brings personal performance technology directly to the hands of gym owners, Group X instructors, club chains, and gym members alike, with the goal of logging, tracking and directing indoor cycling workouts. Measurement is at the heart of this newest innovation, as more riders than ever become interested in accurately tracking their personal metrics and improving on their best workouts. Now they can do so with the confidence that using Schwinn products will provide them an authentic riding experience powered by scientifically accurate data. With several strategic partnerships, Schwinn is now able to offer a leading experience for almost any environment.

Motosumo provides a single solution for leaderboard technology, group class management, games with friends, and workout history. The best part? You don’t need any additional hardware. Everything you need for a successful ride is at the tip of your fingers, in your smartphone.

Motosumo provides an advanced biomechanical model, which in combination with the motion sensors in a modern smartphone, calculates the rider’s pace, calorie consumption, cadence, and riding style. For those on a budget, Motosumo’s app and technology work on entry level bikes with no form of built-in technology. Those interested in top of the line Power bikes with built-in 4iiii technology can connect the app directly and utilize Schwinn’s touted accuracy for a leading level of individual measurement. Regardless of your equipment choice, both options offer unique connectivity not previously available.

If becoming a cycling machine isn’t enough of a motivator, maybe available gamification will spark your competitive nature? In addition to tracking data about users’ training sessions, the gamification element available via Motosumo’s app delivers never before seen possibilities for Schwinn riders and instructors. Users can connect with others in their own facilities and in health clubs around the world to compete for the top spot in unique, exciting challenges. The app also gives instructors a vast array of possibilities to create a class environment that appeals to each of their audiences by sharing real-time data and instructions with their class participants.

Social gamification is unique to Motosumo and available globally with no adaptation required, due to the smartphone’s function as the connecting link between app and bike. Regardless of bike or gym, Motosumo provides a solution to push you to perform your best.

Leaderboard technology and metric monitoring used to require a heavy investment in expensive sensors, receivers, monitors, and computers. The partnership created with Motosumo now offers a shortcut to creating a unique social community across one or more indoor cycling teams. This tailor-made integration between Motosumo and Schwinn ensures ease of use for members, instructors, and operators.

Schwinn’s array of indoor cycling solutions doesn’t end there. The next exciting addition to the Schwinn portfolio stems from a recent partnership with world-leading, Canadian sports performance technology company 4iiii Innovations, who aim to provide riders with the most accurate power measurement on the market. This partnership equips riders with the highest accurate power measurement available on their ride, calculated from the amount of force being directly applied to the gauge and pedal by the rider.

Although the power meter may seem new to the indoor cycling arena, it has long been a staple in road cycling. “While power meters have seen increased acceptance in the past 10 years, we’re just beginning to see it reach the mainstream,” says Eric Gerstenbuhler, Managing Director of 4iiii Sport. “What sets 4iiii apart is the patented 3D strain gauge technology that we use to measure the bending, elongation, and twisting deformation. This allows for measurement of every force being applied to the crank arm by a rider thus giving the most accurate data possible from bike to bike.”

Monitoring power is crucial for improving performance, and riders looking to further develop should consider how their power measurements are being taken. While many indoor cycling bikes can monitor power indirectly through a sensor on the flywheel, serious cyclists should focus on measuring their power directly, through a strain gauge on the pedal. This is exactly what 4iiii’s technology does, and it does so very well. Schwinn Master Trainer and leading fitness educator Keli Roberts states, “Simply put, it is the best and most accurate indicator to gauge improvement and gains”. 4iiii technology comes standard on both AC and SC Power bikes available from Schwinn.

Schwinn is committed to providing indoor cycling enthusiasts of all levels with a truly authentic riding experience. First, we used carbon blue technology to mimic the feel of a road bike chain. Now, we’re offering the industry’s most accurate power meter and bringing to market a universally accessible app with smartphone connectivity and linked ride data.

Innovations rooted in authenticity remain the goal and the lifeblood of the Schwinn brand. Expect continued focus and dedication to this effort from the team of experts at Core Health & Fitness.

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